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How to Fix Bubbled Paint on Wood Surface

Have you painted something in your home, to then see the paint bubble up or splinter later on?
I painted my mantel and because of the heavy heat exposure from the fireplace, the paint bubbled 
on the top surface.  A quick fix to this problem was to remove the bubbled paint by scraping it off...
I sanded the area to thin out the paint and make it smooth.  Then I removed any saw dust and 
paint particles left behind with a moist towel.  Before doing anything else, I let it dry out completely.
When the surface was smooth and ready, I painted the area with primer.  Once the primer was dry,
24 hours later, I painted the area.  Now it looks good as new.  This was a small surface, so fixing it
was simple.  Larger projects may need more work.  Remember, all projects are different, due to
the type of paint and surface, so do your research before moving on to fixing a paint problem. 
Have you had paint issues?  How did you fix the problem?  Share your painting
projects in the comments below.

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