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How to Decorate Recycled Cans

Hey there!  Hope that your week is going well.
I'm popping in quick to post my pretty, decorated cans.
You can find many tutorials out there for making these, 
including one of my old posts.

I'm using these recycled cans to decorate my work space and I'm also using them
for storage.  What an inexpensive way to find a storage solution and protect the
planet from waste, right!
All I did was save my coffee cans from the recycling bin and cover them with pretty
scrapbook paper.   I cut it to fit the can using the original can wrap as a template.
Used spray adhesive to stick the paper on the can and taped the ends to seal the seam.

I love that they hold magnets too!
They also make cute gifts with goodies inside.
The magnets you see here are available at Inspirations by D Shop.
Happy Crafting!

Times Square in Photos

I told you that I would be back for this, delicious!
This place is fully alive with music, entertainment, food, shopping,
lights and so much more. Thank you for taking a look at our 
New York City trip!  We are happy to be back home and back to the swing 
of things.  Hope that you enjoy your weekend!

Central Park Zoo in New York

One of our many stops in New York was the Zoo.
Right in the middle of this great city is Central Park.  This is a great place to be if
you're looking to take in all of what nature has to offer.
We were smitten by this adorable sea lion, as he swam lapses around the pool.
We had a great time feeding the animals, 
enjoying the day and taking in the wonders of this beautiful park.
Nothing is better than watching your child smile, spending your time with loved ones
enjoying the moment.  Not collecting, not wasting, just being with those you love
and lending a hand to those who need it.

New York in the Summer

Ellis Island
Freedom Tower progress.  The tower is currently taller that the Empire State Building
and seems to be the second tallest building in the United States, 
but soon after it is done, it be be the tallest in the USA.
Cooling off in Battery Park.
There is something about being home in the summer that captivates our hearts.
Family, friends, the food, the parks, the scenery, the events, the richness of the
culture and so much more.

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Madeleine Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Chocolate & Sprinkles

Have you tried a Madeleine cookie? 
These shell shaped cookies are rich, and cake-like in texture.   
They're often flavored with lemon, orange, chocolate, or almonds.  
If you have never had one, you must, they are delicious! 
You may acquire these at your supermarket, bakery or bake them yourself.
There are many recipes online that you can try.  I purchased  my cookies from
my local supermarket and I wanted to add some richness to them.
I sliced them in half and layered some with raspberry jam and the others with 
cream cheese frosting.
I closed them up again.
I melted plain milk chocolate and dipped the cookies only half way 
covering only half of the cookies.
Then I added sprinkles for color, texture and extra flavor.  Oh the goodness!
They are so good, I just can't get enough of these.
To make your own, you will need:  
Chocolate for dipping (Hershey's Milk Chocolate)
Raspberry jam (or your favorite flavor), or cream cheese frosting.
A Knife for cutting in half
If you bake your own, you will need a Madeleine Pan.
Hope you enjoy!

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Jonathan Adler at Zinc Door

Jonathan Adler Green Parish Duvet Cover or Set
Are you ready to obsess over home decor? 

During the month of July, Zinc Door is featuring Jonathan Adler and I am digging his new collection of bath accessories. Add a splash of color to your bathroom with the Jonathan Adler Arcade Orange/Grey Shower Curtain. Toss a sense of modernity to a sofa or bed with Jonathan Adler throw pillows. These pillows are gorgeous with their hand-embroidered long stitches and colorful patterns. The Hollywood Navy Printed Sheet Set is a contemporary approach to Hollywood Regency style. This bedding design lives up to the "happy chic" vibe of Jonathan Adler. 

Be sure to check out his entire collection of home decor at Zinc Door and design your dream space today!

Zinc Door is offering 15% off Capel Rugs valid through 7/31 with promo code 15rug.

The High Line in Photos/ New York City

The High Line in New York City is a Public Park  built on a historic freight 
rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side.  Read the history here
Visit The High Line website here for more information.
Cooling off my toes, it was a hot and humid day, let me emphasize that, 
makes 98 degrees feel like 104.  There were many of us cooling our heels that day
on this water feature.
This little spot is great to sit and enjoy the view of the river.
Great for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below.  
Find cafes, art work, bands, and more while on the High Line.

Easy Shrimp and Vegetables

It's no secret that we love vegetables in our home, but what a great and refreshing 
way to add flavor, color and texture to a dish by combining shrimp and vegetables. 
Did you know that by placing onions is the refrigerator you can avoid tearing up 
when chopping it?  Good to know for those of us that cook with lots of onions.
NOTE: For this recipe, you'll need to have your shrimp already cooked, so make 
sure you cook them before adding it to this dish.
In a pan add a tablespoon of olive oil,  add chopped garlic and cook until oil is hot.  
Add red onions, zucchini, and baby bella mushrooms.  Make sure your mushrooms 
are rinsed.  Add salt and pepper to taste. While they cook for a minute, bring a pot of 
water to a boil, add 1/2 tsp of salt to the water and add small potatoes.  I used 
a mixed bag of potatoes that contained, gold, red and blue/ purple small potatoes. 
Let it boil until tender.  Remove potatoes from heat and drain the water.  Set it aside.
After 2 minutes or so, add cooked shrimp to your vegetable mix.  Cook for another 
2 minutes make sure the vegetables are not overcooked but nice and tender.  
Then add your cooked potatoes to the  mix.  Blend and serve.  You may add a side 
of corn on the cob and/ or avocado.
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
2 Cloves of Garlic.
1/2 Red onion
1 Zucchini
3 cups Baby Bella Mushrooms
1 Bag of Cooked Shrimp
1 Bag of Small Potato Mix
Salt & Pepper
I hope that you enjoy this tasty summer meal, it's great for weekend cooking, 
easy and fast.  If you don't like mushrooms or other veggies, just replace them 
with your favorite veggies.
What I love about this, is that you can even put them on a stick and grill them, 
they make great kabobs too.
Happy Cooking!

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