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DIY: Autumn Wreath

This weekend I started adding little signs of the Autumn around the home. 
We enjoy adding small reminders of fall harvest such as 
pumpkins, acorns, autumn wreath, and flannel blankets around the house.  
By adding these small touches, I am reminded of what the Fall season was like when I 
was a child.  I recall the beautiful colors of the branches on the trees, 
and running through the colorful fallen leaves on the sidewalks as they lay in a pile outside.

So to bring back that warm and cozy feeling, I made my front door wreath with plans 
do add a few more touches later on to our home.
I gathered my supplies from the Dollar store, 
but you can also go to your local craft shop or other market.
The Materials I used were the following:
  • Grape vine wreath
  • Ready made leaf garland  (may need two if leaves are sparse)
  • Artificial pumpkin pick with leaves
  • Harvest mixed berry branch
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Burlap (already had on hand)

1. Lay your grape vine wreath on a table.

2. Take your leaf garland and place it over the grape vine wreath to form a
circle over the wreath covering it completely.

3. Take your floral wire, and use it to tie the garland to the wreath to secure it in place. 
You may need to cut several pieces of the floral wire to tie up any loose sections.

4. Once your garland is securely tied, you will take the berry branch or branches, 
and attach it to the wreath, using the floral wire to secure that as well.

5. The next step is to add your pumpkins or gourd picks around the wreath,  
stick each one securely within the grape vine wreath, 
you may secure it with the wire if necessary.
6. To add the burlap, you can either use a burlap ribbon, 
or use burlap fabric and cut strips to form a ribbon.
Place the  burlap ribbon in a looping form around the wreath, 
tucking it into the grape vine wreath or use the wire to secure that as well.
I just tucked it in.
How to Make Fall Wreath
If anything feels loose, remember to use the floral wire to secure any loose pieces and
keep the knots out of site by tying them on the back of the wreath.


  1. Love the wreath!! It's very pretty!! Happy Fall!! :)

  2. I love that! I tweaked a wreath I had made a few years ago to make it look a little more whispy. this is perfect.


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