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I Spy in the Garden

I spy with my little eyes fruits, vegetables, flowers and many butterflies!

This is the first year that I have grown raspberries.  My son and I love it!  They are so tasty and rich in flavor. I also couldn't believe how fast it grows and how quickly it sprouts, it's amazing how the fruits and vegetables vary in growth.  

The peppers are growing at a slow rate this year, I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the heat, the soil, the bugs? 

Now this little tree had been fruitful this year and for that I'm so grateful.  I love key limes!

This summer has been brutal.  Many of the plants, grass and flowers this year have been burned by the sun, no matter how much I water them, they still get dried out. Nothing beats a good rain fall.  Rain is so good for the plants, so I can't wait for the storm to arrive and bring on some rain, we need it!

We have loads of these gorgeous butterflies, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and we just love them!

The garden comes alive with the beautiful butterflies.  I don't see one, nor two, but many all at the same time.  It is magical and beautiful.  Can you tell I'm a city girl?  I can't get enough of these beautiful creatures.

 I spy three butterflies, can you?  These are called Gulf Fritillary.

 Aren't they amazing?

During this time of year you will also see Monarch Caterpillars around your plants.  If you have Monarch Caterpillars in your area, now it's the time to head outdoors and check them out.  I shot a few pictures of a caterpillar and will post them later on.

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  1. Your photography is AMAZING!!! Awesome!!! Stunning!!! My garden didn't do well this year either...must be the weather. I love Key Limes too!!

  2. Your photos are really beautiful!

  3. Ok too pretty for words! Amazing!I am going into your archives to see if you have blogged about your camera!Your eye for photography is award winning.


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