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How to Make Cupcake Stands

I was looking through a magazine recently and
came across individual cupcake stands.
These are just too cute not have around.
They are great for parties and other entertaining events,
but the price did not fit the budget, so I made my own.  
Remember this tutorial
I applied the same method to make the cupcake stand/ pedestal.

Here's what I did:  
I used glass tea-light holders and unfinished circle wood plaques purchased from a craft store.  
The wood circles were in the craft department for only 50 cents each 
and the glass tea-light holder in the candle department for only 99 cents each.  
Now there are candle holders out there that look just as adorable, 
but you cannot beat this price to make your own.

1. You may use other materials to make these stands, 
but I personally chose the glass holder for its weight and balance
 and the wood plaque for thickness and sturdiness,  I don't want my cupcake to tip over.

2. I gently sanded the edges of the wood plaques to give it a smooth finish.
*Not all the plaques needed sanding.

3. I got my glue gun, you may also use E6000. 

4. Using my glue gun, I quickly spread the glue around the edge of the glass.

5. I then quickly pressed the glass on the wood plaque.

6.  Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

7.  After the glue was dry, I spray painted it with primer.

8. I let the primer dry and then spray painted it in white. 

You may use any color you like, I wanted mine white.
9.  I wanted to add a little decor to mine, nothing fancy, 
so I pulled out my E6000 glue and some dollies.

10. I cut off the scalloped edges, then cut that into four pieces.

11.  I used the E6000 to attach the scalloped edges onto the stand 
by using one drop of the glue on each end of the paper lace 
and gently pressing it on the side of the stand, let it dry.
You may do the same or use other materials 
for decor such as ribbon, buttons etc...
You can recreate the look by using fun colors and other 
finishes to make your pedestal stand out, think of Fall Harvest!
Other great materials you may use would be wood candle holders 
for the base, or small plates or coasters for the top.
I hope that you have as much fun as I did making these!

Happy Crafting!


  1. What I cute tutorial...thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.



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