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How to Make Cupcake Liner Flowers

Today I am feeling a bit icky, pain and discomfort is no fun during the recovery process, but that does not stop me from spending time with my little one.  He and I agreed to have a craft day on this stormy and humid afternoon, he loves crafting, so this is what we did, or shall I write what "he" did; he's at the stage where he wants to do things all by himself.  My four year old enjoyed it and gave the final product as a gift to Grandma.
This is a great project for you and your little ones.

You will need Cupcake liners (5-8  per pipe cleaner) solid, prints or mix it up, Pipe Cleaners, Floral Tape and Safety Round Tip Scissors for the kids.

Bend an inch of the pipe cleaner tip rolling it into a small ball to prevent liners from slipping off.

Once your pipe cleaners have a round end, pinch a hole on your cupcake liners with the opposite end of the pipe cleaner (watch your fingers)
Insert the pipe cleaner into the holes through the inside of the cupcake liners one at a time. Keep repeating until your desired amount of cupcake liners are all threaded unto the pipe cleaner.

Begin pinching each cupcake liner with your fingers one at a time, beginning with the top one. Repeat until all the cupcake liners have been shaped.

Starting as close as you can to the edge of the cupcake liners, wrap your pipe cleaner with the floral tape, it takes a little practice before you or your little gets good at it. I helped my son start it, then he was on his own.

Covered in the the green floral tape and shaped; Now you have a beautiful flower!

Happy Crafting!

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{One} I am a bit sad this morning because Mr. M returned to work after spending a week with me during my surgery and helping take care of me during my recovery.  He is working out of state and the separation has been so difficult for us all.

{Two} On the other hand, I am thankful that my mother can be with me during this time of recovery, it is harder than I thought, I'm in pain everyday and the medications sometimes make me feel sick if I am not laying down.

{Three} So I got up this morning feeling awful, but I have to be up for my little boy, he is sad as well and needs his mommy.  He'll feel better later, hopefully as the day goes by.

{Four} I could not stay away from you all, I had to come and sit and write something random and just hope that your lovely comments will fill me with joy and help me recover quicker, it makes me happy when I read from you, helps during this tough period. Well I wish you all a happy week and I am off to read your random Monday posts.

{Five} Oh dear, my poor mom, just had to share this little last thing,  she asked me if I have nail polish remover and I told her where it's located, as well  as a cotton ball, she comes back and was removing her polish and said, oh dear this doesn't come off, your sister gave me two coats and it  does not come off.  So I turned around and smelled it and it was rubbbing alcohol,  " Mom, No wonder it does not come off, you got the wrong thing"  we could not stop laughing.  Hope you enjoy!

How to Make a Natural Bird Feeder

I am headed for surgery today. I have been doing everything I was instructed to do, including a diet of only liquids the day before the surgery and then nothing after midnight.
 I am so hungry right now, I can't wait until after the surgery so that I can eat again. Are you curious about my surgery?  Stay tuned and I'l let you know what it's about later on.

Right now, I'll show you what my little boy and I did for a fun project.  I am sure all you great moms have already beat me to it, but I wanted to share it here for those who have not tried it with your kids. We made a bird feeder and this is what we did:

You will need, bird seed, peanut butter, a pine cone, plate, string and disposable utensil.

Apply the peanut butter on the pine cone with a utensil.

Pour bird seeds on the plate.

Roll the pine cone with peanut butter over the bird seed until it is covered. For missed spots sprinkle the seeds on.

Hang it up somewhere outdoors, a tree, backyard, front yard...and see the results.  Here we caught a Red Cardinal feeding from the pine cone.   Too bad my camera wouldn't zoom in.  I know, I know, terrible picture!  Hey I have an amateur camera.

The picture is not great & I'm sorry for that, but I wanted to share it. We were pretty far in order not to scare the bird away, need a better camera.  The Cardinals love it! 

Now you go have fun and make this with your kiddos!

How to Make Star Pancakes...

...and Today's Ramblings

Early this bright and sunny morning, I made breakfast for my little boy and gave him fun stars:

Here's What I did:

I made pancakes using the pancake mix (sorry, no special pancake recipe today)
After my pancakes were done, I used the cookie cutter and pressed stars out of the pancakes.
This is what I got.

I took some fresh strawberries and rinsed them, then I sliced them.

I placed the stars on the plate and added butter and syrup with the side of strawberries and whip-cream, he loves whip-cream.  That is one happy little boy!

While he was eating and Mr. M was replacing the faucet in our bathroom, I heard someone trying to open our front door! What on earth?  A realtor was trying to show our home (we're selling it by the way) I opened the door, mind you I was still in my PJs,
 but I asked:
 Me-um are you showing the house?
Realtor: yes
Me- I didn't get a call from your office.
Realtor-I called the office.
Me-I did not receive a message, can you come back later, we're not ready for a showing right this minute.
Realtor- I'll just re-schedule another appointment.
Me- oh okay, thank you.

I don't think she will be coming back. Great, and (I mean that sarcastically) there goes a potential buyer!
I cleaned the house as fast as I could, swept the backyard, watered the plants and now I'm hoping that the people interested in the house will come back, I'm keeping fingers crossed.

How to Make Croutons

My son and I love to eat croutons and to have some on hand, I decided to make my own.
This is an easy way to make croutons at home.

-Ready made garlic butter (sold in the bread department of your grocery store)
-2 loaves of French bread a day or two old
(If you cannot find ready made garlic butter see *NOTE below)

1.Preheat oven 350 degrees F (174 degrees C)
2. Slice loaves in half, spread garlic butter on bread evenly.
3. Cut into cubes about 1 inch (make sure bread is hard and not too soft, softness makes it messy to cut)
4. Spread on baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes or until lightly brown, check frequently to prevent burning.

*NOTE: If you cannot find garlic butter ready made, you may substitute it for garlic bread ready for baking or in a large saute pan, melt butter over medium heat.  Stir in garlic, a pinch of salt or your favorite herbs; cook and stir for 1 minute or so.  Add bread cubes and then toss to coat, then follow step 4 above.

Spread on baking sheet and place it in the oven


Done and enjoy!  They are also tasty in onion soup, try it!

Bouquet of Color and Shapes

Want to teach your toddler the colors that nature has to offer and explore the different shapes too?
Take a walk outside your home with your little ones and seek out everything that surrounds you.
That is what we did and this is what we found.

A great time for these outdoor adventures is in the Spring time.  There are new colors blooming everywhere.

Busy bee.

Backyard visitor

Cute ducklings around the area.
 Hope you enjoy your nature walk outside your home.
 You'll notice things you never noticed before.

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